Kitchen Cabinet Production Line

Kitchen Cabinet Production Line

?Kitchen Cabinet Door Production Line
E4-1224D Nesting Machine with Pre- Labeling
ES-1224L Ball Screw Driven Machine
Roller Conveyor
Crosswise Conveyor


Product Description

This kind of Kitchen Cabinet Production Line integrates labeling, drilling, automatic flipping of work pieces, cutting, multi-machine position with uninterrupted high-speed work, with no manual intervention to maximize production capacity. It also can be customized to suit different factory layout and application requirements in accordance with the requirements of customers. In addition, the Kitchen Cabinet Production Line uses the advantages of software and tools, to maximize the utilization rate of the board. It uses vacuum suction table and high-powered vacuum cleaner, which can ensure the normal use of the suction force. It reduces potential safety hazards, duo to the zero contact between workers and cutting cutters, and avoids accidents at work effectively. What’s more, the Kitchen Cabinet Production Line has the characteristics of high quality, high speed, low noise, delicate design, long using life as well as low maintenance costs. It is widely used in furniture manufacturers. 

Technical Parameter


Automated Cabinet Door Production Line

Working size


Table size



E4-1224D--X/ Y rack and pinion drive, Z ball screw drive

ES-1224L--X/ Y/ Z ball screw drive

Table structure

Double Layer Vacuum table

Spindle power


Working speed



Tool Magazine

E4-1224D--Carousel Tool Changer with 8 Slots

ES-1224L--Double Carousel Tool Changer with 32 Slots

Driving system






1. E4 Nesting Machine With Pre-labeling(001)2. ES-1224L Ball Screw Driven Machine(001)
E4 Nesting Machine With Pre-labelingES-1224L Ball Screw Driven Machine
3. Roller Conveyor(001)4. Crosswise Conveyor(001)
Roller ConveyorCrosswise Conveyor

Machine Assembly Workshop

Kitchen Cabinet Production Line

Parts Machining Workshop

Kitchen Cabinet Production Line

Quality Control & Testing

Kitchen Cabinet Production Line

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